Coding In The Community

Coding In The Community

Coding for Health: Generations Over 60's Classes

At First Class Coders we believe that positively engaging with tech and learning to code has no age limit. We want older people to be socially active and engage in mentally stimulating activities.

Our Coding for Health sessions are designed to introduce older people to a different hobby and the health benefits of learning to code: keeping your mind active.

If you are a Health or Social Care provider, Community Centre, Library or Church or any other organisation interested in providing mentally stimulating and social activities for older people.

Family Learning Events

Our family learning events aim to help parents, grandparents and extended family members get more involved in their children's learning; by learning to code together with their children. The goal is not only to help adults and children feel more comfortable using the coding platforms, but to also encourage collaboration between adults and children whilst they create together.

We bring the tech! Open your imaginations and be introduced to the limitless possibilities of coding and family learning fun. Contact us to find out how the next event can be delivered in your Library, Community Centre or Church hall.

Coding Bible Stories: Kingdom Coding

Have your Sunday School classes become a bit stale and repetitive? Still handing out bits of paper and colouring in sheets? The Bible is full of stories. The same story, same message has been told for centuries in different languages and mediums.

We reach out to the young generation and share Bible stories using 21st century languages. Would you like to engage and the bring the Gospel to the next generation in a unique and creative way?

Digital Storytelling

We have created a special Digital Storytelling program which combines traditional storytelling with digital multimedia and a coding platform. We've found that creating digital stories through coding transforms learning for children and grown ups alike.

We focus on a chosen theme or focal point and the kids brainstorm, research, write a script and code an interesting story. A super powerhouse combo of literacy, storytelling, logic and creativity, which is a great foundation for any child.

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