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With a complete coding curriculum, First Class Coders is the perfect S.T.E.A.M. enrichment program for early years and school settings.

Schools, Nurseries and Pre- Schools

Our creative coding classes are a high quality, educational enrichment activity for children in early years up to key stage 1. Your #teenytechies will love computer programming with First Class Coders

A weekly coding club made easy

First Class Coders are equipped with everything needed to boost your technology enrichment, including tablets for each child, robotics and trained staff.

Play Code Grow

Children Play, Code and Grow in their knowledge, confidence and digital literacy skills. Our daytime or afterschool clubs can be funded by the setting, through parental contributions or a combination of both.

Coding is a type of literacy! Just as writing helps to organise thinking and express ideas. The same is true for coding. We introduce and build an awareness of the possibilities of what children can create, make and design. We can visit your school for a specific class, half day or whole day and work with a number of different classes. Our Digital Storytelling program linking a traditional story, theme or subject can be tailored to your topic of interest. This provides an enriched cross curricular learning opportunity for your students.


Coding is essential to help students thrive in a future driven by technology.  From self-driving cars, social media to surgeons performing robotic operations from other continents, tech – coding is revolutionising our lives.  

When children aged 5 are introduced to the National Computing Curriculum  – they are  learning to code,  but they are also learning important academic and social skills such as

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Confidence and
  • Persistence.


All skills that are needed for growing up in the 21st century.


We believe in using play to establish the early steps of coding.

We offer a dynamic and evolving coding program which helps children, childcare professionals, and educators engage with STEAM and coding. 


We bring the tech! and everything we need to deliver the sessions. Students can code nursery rhymes, stories, songs and games.

Coding isn’t about what you know it’s about what you can discover through exploration.


First Class Coders gives your students the fundamental skills needed to start on their STEAM and coding journey. 

We expect students to grow and progress on to more complex  coding languages and platforms. That are typically introduced from year 3 onwards.

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