Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions

What age children are your classes suitable for?

We have classes for 3 age ranges.

Teeny Techies 3-4 years 

Awesome Algorithms 5-6 years 

Catapult Coders 7-8 years

If you are unsure which session will suit your child please chat to us on 07944 676 239

Do parents/carers stay present at the classes?

Yes, for Teeny Techies (3-4 yrs) classes. We encourage parent/carers of the younger children to be actively involved in the class communicating and coding with their child(ren.

Are First Class Coders Staff DBS Checked?

Yes, Absolutely. All First Class Coders staff are DBS checked, professionally vetted and undertake a comprehensive training program and have a passion for what they do.

Do you offer a trial class?

Of course! You can come to a trial class with First Class Coders. The trial costs just £12.00.

The class needs to be booked in advanced with First Class Coders via our Parents + Grown ups page and payment is taken in advance.

Do you run workshops/classes during the school holidays?

Yes, Our main classes are term time only but we do coding classes during the school holiday periods and these can be booked and paid for individually by the session or via a block of sessions.

The class needs to be booked in advanced, please check out our Classes page.

I have 2 children can I bring them both to class?

Yes, each child is provided with the tech needed to participate in the sessions.

Why do you only go up to age 8?, my child is 9 and I would like her to learn?

We give our students the foundational skills needed to start on their STEAM and coding journey. 

We expect students to grow and progress on to more complex coding languages and platform designed for ages 9+.

We do offer in home tuition services, so you can book some sessions for her and when she is ready we can then advise you where she graduate onto to continue with her STEM journey. You can contact us directly on 07944 676 239 or submit your contact details below and we will get straight back to you.

I’m a grandparent and I want to give my grandchildren an educational gift to help them for the future, can I buy classes for them?

Yes, what a fab grandparent you are! Of course you can, you can either buy a private in home tuition, holiday workshop  or a term of weekly classes.

You can also book some classes for yourself – and really surprise your grandbabies with how trendy you are. We do a Coding for Health class for the over 60’s.

Have a look at the learning resources on our We Recommend page, its full of books, educational toys and learning experiences that would really compliment any classes that you buy.

Do we have to provide/bring any special equipment?

No. That’s the beauty of First Class Coders, we bring the tech and all materials needed to deliver the sessions. We are a high quality, mobile service that requires no capital investment or huge equipment costs to get started.

How can I get a quote from First Class Coders to  deliver a session in my organisation?

To ensure that as many people are  able to benefit from First Class Coders Service provision we operate on a franchise basis.  To discuss your requirements in the first instance please contact 07944 676 239 or email and we can then point you in the right direction.

Do I need to be techy to attend a class ?

No, parents, grandparents, extended family members are encouraged to support their child but you wont be expected to do anything technical. In fact in most cases we have to encourage the grownups supporting kids to sit in their hands when they feel they need to take over the tech.

Why is it important for children to learn coding?

Coding helps children to think critically and  learn to solve problems in a logical and creative way. Coding is literacy in the digital age  and its important that kids understand the tech around them but also to be able to innovators, to design, create and make an impact on the world.  It was this article 10 skills you need in the future along with my son’s interest in all things STEM and the changes to the UK National Curriculum that started me thinking about the lack of inclusive enrichment opportunities to really  prepare children for their future.

I love what you do!  How can I join First Class Coders ?

We love what we do too. You can join as a tutor or as a franchisee. Both roles are rewarding. We are looking for friendly, creative, enthusiastic people who have desire and passion to inspire the next generation. 

How many children are in the classes ?

We like to give each child individual attention during every class.

Our maximum number of children per class is 8 for the Teeny Techies 3-4yrs and up to 10 for the Awesome Algorithms 5-6 years and Catapult Coders 7-8 years.

If you have any further questions or would like to book a class contact Marsha directly on 07944 676 239 or submit your contact details below and we will get straight back to you.

Who are First Class Coders?

First Class Coders was set up by  Marsha Fisher, Creator and Founder. First Class Coders was born out of her son’s interest in all things STEM and the lack of opportunities for younger children to learn this vital skill for the future.   Marsha lives in South London with her husband and is interested in all things STEAM, Education, Tech and Learning and Development. She believes that education through innovation is transformative. Marsha has seen this first hand as she is a parent to 2 “bright shining lights” age 4 and 8.